Strategic, comprehensive Internet Marketing services, combining cutting edge technology with an analytical, effective and creative approach to projects

We are all aware of the vital importance that Internet presence has for a business, and of how complicated it is for a Marketing or PR department to keep up with the always changing field of new technologies and Internet trends.

This is why we offer our proven experience and tecnical reliability applied to strategic, comprehensive Digital Marketing campaigns. Our solutions cover web design and development, Search Engine Optimization consultancy, Search Engine Marketing, E-commerce platforms and much, much more.

Web Design and Development

In abatec we understand how important it that your clients always find what they are looking in your website, in an intuitive, easy way; this must always be the top priority when developing a web project. This is why we always design each project tailor made for the kind of business of the client and its particular needs.

Our design team has the ultima goal of offering the best possible solution for your project, developing a useful, usable, and most of all, profitable website, because your Internet presence must always be an investment with a tangible return, either monetary or in brand value.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become a critical Marketing action for any company that wants to stand out and grow on the net. SEO's objective is that your websites appear in the first positions in search engines for the defined search criteria.

We always employ the latest, up to date and proven optimization techniques as well as the most suitable strategy to position your sites in search engines.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Advertising in search engines is probably the most effective, inmediate, accurate and controlled way of advertising online. In abatec we can manage and supervise all the services related to your investment.

  • Keywords definition
  • Wording and optimization of your ads
  • Bid tracking
  • Scope definition

Social Media Marketing + RRPP

Social Media Marketing and online PR is a discipline of Online Marketing boosted by the boom of social networks and the influence these have on their users and their habits as consumers.

We apply a personalised strategy to each client depending on the goals of the project:

  • Build a brand or boost an existing one
  • Create a communication channel with customers
  • Increase the quantity and quality of hits
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization

Web Applications Development

Web 2.0 apps, Content Management Systems, client intranets, download areas, users management systems, Online Stores and E-commerce, Social Networks...

All of our development projects begin with a detailed study of your business and needs to help us define which are going to be the goals and functionality of the project to build a useful, succesful product

We rely on a experienced, knowledgeable development team that warrants the maximal technical quality and stability of our products, and a reliable support and mainteinance of long term projects